Updates From Public Health- Tuesday March 24

PLEASE STAY HOME during this critical time of flattening the curve to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. But if you must leave your house and use public transit, here are some important updates from King County Metro and Sound Transit.

To help keep transit drivers and passengers at a safe distance from each other at this time, the following changes began starting Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Starting on Monday, March 23, 2020, the following directives will take place.

  • King County Metro will be on a Reduced Schedule,  reducing service by 25% due to decreased ridership and public health concerns. We urge your communities to sign up for the most up-to-date information through: 

          o   Transit Alerts (email and/or text) 

          o   Text for Departure – text your bus stop ID # to 62550 for next bus info 

          o   Trip Planner 

Until further notice, the following measures are in place on transit service in the greater Puget Sound Region.

  • Do not travel if you are sick; stay home.
  • No ORCA tap or fare payment is required.
  • If you are able, board & exit at the back door.
  • If you need to, board & exit at the front.
  • Maintain distance from other passengers.
  • Cover coughs & sneezes.
  • Listen for announcements.
  • Expect possible delays or service revisions.
  • Watch for updates.
  • Some spring service revisions are delayed until further notice.

Get the most up to date news and information at https://kingcountymetro.blog/.