Harbor Island Studios

On April 3, 2021, King County Executive Dow Constantine unveiled Harbor Island Studios. This newly renovated warehouse, which had been previously underutilized, has been strategically adapted into a film production facility. We are delighted that an episodic production has moved into the Harbor Island Studios, employing several hundred film professionals in union wage jobs.

Executive Constantine released this statement on April 3rd, announcing Harbor Island Studios. At the press conference, the Executive said, “Let there be no mistake about it. This is an economic development project.”

Twitter post from @kcexec

As the opportunity to support a major episodic production that would put hundreds of film industry professionals back to work appeared, the Executive convened film industry veterans (aka the Executive’s Film Advisory Board) to advise on this project.  Experts were consulted and King County crews and contractors were deployed to convert this 117,000 square foot warehouse, which had been underutilized for years, into a production facility with two soundstages, that will provide the film industry with infrastructure it has lacked for decades. It’s an exciting moment for our industry!

Currently, Harbor Island Studios is not open to the public, as there is an episodic production, working in there. In compliance with the State’s COVID guidelines, the public cannot visit. Additionally, the show’s content is proprietary.

Going forward, on an undetermined date, we will have a giant celebration and invite the film industry and the public to tour Harbor Island Studios. King County is committed to recovering and fortifying the local film ecosystem. We know that many people have worked for many years to breathe life into a local soundstage. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this monumental effort, and look forward to celebrating with you down the road.

The funding for the initial phase of Harbor Island Studios is included in the recovery budget Executive Constantine transmitted to the King County Council in March. The King County Council will consider this budget at the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee In April and May. 

Harbor Island Studios is an anchor component of the King County Creative Film Initiative.