Studio Facilities

About the Facility
Harbor Island Studios is a 117,000 square- foot facility with two sound stages. Located in an industrial area of South Seattle, it is close to the urban center, but relatively isolated. Filming at Harbor Island Studios

Stage 1: 150’ x 90’ (13,500 square feet)
Stage 2: 100’ x 90’ (9,000 square feet)
Both soundstages are equipped with double elephant doors

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Flexible/Open Workspaces
All on floor 1, high-walled cubicle spaces available next to soundstages 
Art Room
Make-Up Room
Wardrobe Room

Enclosed Workspaces
Floor 1, Large Conference Room: 24’ x 25.5’
Floor 1, Additional prop storage space
Floor 2, Office Spaces 1-4, each office: 17’ x 16’

To learn more about the soundstages and inquire about filming here please contact us at