Arts & Culture Fund

Over 100 Creative Businesses and Organizations to be Awarded Grants from the $19.5 million King County Arts & Culture Fund

King County is thrilled to provide significant support to the creative sector through the 2021 Arts & Culture Fund. Executive Constantine’s press release highlights his commitment to supporting our local creative economy.

The needs of these organizations and businesses far exceed the funding amount available at this time. Some of our applicants applied for funds to address a specific COVID-related need. Others applied for operational recovery funding. All of the applicants will be required to complete a financial verification process prior to receiving their awards.

King County values the creative sector as a primary economic and cultural driver in our region. We wish all of the organizations, businesses and workers success as they navigate through recovery.

The proposed distribution of funds for the 2021 Revive and Thrive Arts and Culture Grants can be found here.

Applications are now closed. Grants have been awarded to these categories of cultural organizations:

  • Arts, Culture, and Heritage Organizations: $16.5 million for arts, culture, and heritage organizations in King County with last full season pre-COVID-19 annual operating budgets of over $1 million. 
  •  Science Organizations: $1.5 million for organizations that promote science and nature conservation through education, exhibition, and other programs by public admission in King County.
  • Independent Movie Theaters: $500,000 for independently owned and operated movie theaters in King County. Multinational corporations and adult theaters are not eligible to apply. 

These one-time grants aim to provide relief to the cultural organizations and businesses adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so they can prepare facilities for reopening, bring the people of King County together in a safe environment, and re-employ our cultural workers. By investing recovery funds into the arts and cultural sector, independent live music venues, and independent movie theaters, King County intends to support putting people back to work, attract tourism, create local economic growth opportunities, and revitalize the region.

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